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Popular Cable provider CIGNAL wanted to be more prominent online. That’s why they tapped AVANZA’s Advanced Marketing technology with the Cignal Perks Microsite.

The CIGNAL site created by AVANZA is a smorgasbord of rewards and promos to maximize the user experience.

We designed the site with the intention to grab CIGNAL’s customers attention with visually appealing aesthetics and easy-to-digest content.

Moreover, we carefully designed CIGNAL’s microsite to optimized AVANZA’s Perks Solutions based on the research we conducted:

• 76% of customers felt that receiving personalized discount offers based on their purchase history was important (LoyaltyOne)

• 91% of consumers said they would be more likely to shop with brands who recognize and provide relevant offers and recommendations, and 83% are willing to share their data to make this work (Accenture)