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Social Media Marketing

We provided a cost-effective social media marketing campaign for Royal Canin in 2018-2019

Even though it’s dominantly organic posts, we executed clever postings that significantly increased the engagement of the Royal Canin Facebook Page.

The lively and quirky content we posted in Royal Canin’s Facebook and Instagram accounts that were coherent to Royal Canin vibe and effortless kawaii design.

Filled with LEARN How campaigns and infographics for effective information dissemination and promos.

Banking on the cuteness brought by the pets highlighted on each artwork that surely grabs attention and makes consumers stay engaged.

AVANZA’s multi-varied analysis juxtaposed with Royal Canin’s quality products and tailored nutrition proved to be an optimal social media marketing formula.

By adding more optimized written content, we’re telling Google's crawlers, and Royal Canin’s end users, more about what Royal Canin had to offer. Anything less than considered thin content and be nearly impossible to rank.