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Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)

AVANZA developed an innovative EDM initiative for WWF wherein we were able to help them with their database acquisition by sending out clever surveys for feedback. Moreover, conversion was an all-time high as we blasted promos and greetings to the customer’s inbox.

Highlighting World Wildlife Fund’s champion eco endeavors, news blasts of community projects, promos of events for sustainability, and even greetings pop up in WWF supporter’s inboxes, AVANZA’s smart email analytics led the way for a fruitful EDM campaign for WWF.

Meticulous research was initiated when we wrote content for each EDM blast. Each email comes with a grateful message for supporting WWF and keep the love nature burning, followed by relevant issues that needs to be addressed to the public.

Many EDMs contained various projects spread across the archipelago: From tracking fishing vessels in Mindoro to Solar Energy Powers a Disaster resilient school in Marikina. We spotlight the numerous sustainable and educational initiatives of the WWF.