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Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)

One of Avanza’s most successful projects was NESTLE’s CRM Program. Highlighted by AVANZA’s uber-effective EDM campaign, we were able to assist NESTLE with a very sound Acquisition Strategy and database profiling by having news blasts, promos, and special greetings pop up in the customer’s inbox. Also send data-driven EDMs to upsell and cross-sell.

AVANZA found the perfect balance of an assertive Perks campaign to ignite customer engagement juxtapose to NESTLE’s caring and nurturing brand persona.

And it showed in the EDMs we sent. Every EDM we put out there comes with lots of love and care. A perfect fit to NESTLE’s brand marketing.

We highlighted moving artworks of pregnant moms and adorable infants alongside particular perks that comes with our participating merchants.

We developed EDMS that were inclusive. Our main goal was to entice customers to take the first step in turning interest into intent to purchase and avail the numerous perks available.